Instant Payment Developer Manuals

Payment with Shika365

Any kind of merchant pay, e-commerce online payment, instant payment

Shika365 Payment Gateway Workflow

Instant Payment Button/Single Item Payment Button

Pay with Shika365

Pay with Shika365

E-Commerce Payment Request Form/Multiple Item Payment Form

Pay with Shika365

Pay with Shika365

Multiple Item Invoice Example
To get merchant_api_token go to "Business Settings" Click Here

Payment Form Params

Params Recommend Details
item_no[] Required Stock keeping Unit(SKU). Product unique number or string
item_name[] Required Product name or description
item_price[] Required Item price of product in Ghc
item_quantity[] Required Count of product
success_url Optional Transaction details will be sent to success url after transaction completed. If success_url is absent transaction details will not be sent
cancel_url Optional Redirect to website after cancellation

Response Params with POST Method

Params Details
transaction_id Unique number of payment transaction
amount Total amount of transaction
status Transaction status like success/pending/cancel